Cinema Museum “most popular London Culture Spot”

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UK parks boost quality of life by £34bn

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Earl’s Court broken promises

“Londoners were promised that “Earl’s Court will remain the location for a large convention centre or exhibition function” in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s 2015 Consolidated Local Plan. Instead permission was granted last year by the Royal Borough for a 644 sq m cultural venue, like a souped up Starbucks on the site of the iconic Exhibition Centre which was 40,000 sq m! ”

Please sign the petition:

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Sheffield trees, lies, and secret plans

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If you support the democratic principle of opposition at local level …

…. have a look at Green Party candidate for Oval Ward Michael Keane for tomorrow’s election

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933 missing council homes

Response to FOI request re how many council (or council level rent) houses  have been built in Lambeth:


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Petition for pesticide-free London

Did you know that 41 different types of pesticides can be found in our towns and cities?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your local council has the power to ban pesticides on all public land in your borough. Please sign the petition

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