Homophobic attack outside night club in Kennington Lane

Attack on nightclub workers outside the former ‘Duke of Cambridge’, Kennington Lane on 2 July



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Petition to demand a peoples’ vote on the final Brexit deal

Once we know what it actually is – i.e. soft Brexit, hard Brexit, Norway style, Canada style or a completely different style …

 … or no Brexit at all!


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Trump supporters outside US embassy on Saturday 14 July

The day after the big anti-Trump rally in Trafalgar Square, there were a few (much smaller) pro-Trump gatherings, one was held outside the US Embassy.


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Nine Elms Art night – what you’ve missed


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Architects Journal: London tall buildings disregard quality of life

Monday 2 July 2018


Leading architects have warned that the Draft London Plan’s policies on tall buildings lack vital requirements to safeguard the quality of life for residents

During a session of the Greater London Assembly’s planning committee this week, Sunand Prasad, senior partner at Penoyre & Prasad and a former RIBA president, criticised the draft plan’s criteria for where tall buildings would be appropriate.

The current policy outlines three factors that councils should take into account: visual impact; contribution to housing and regeneration; and public transport connectivity.

But, Prasad, a member of the London mayor’s Design Advisory Panel for London, said: ‘We need to add a fourth sentence that captures social capital about communities and put it number one rather than starting with visual impact. Continue reading

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Sadiq Khan says: Put people first

He’s right to say it’s up to national government to stop the property market dictating the agenda, but local governments could make a start by working with local community groups, rather than against them.

“Our community groups and local government, as the part of civic life closest to local people and the most sensitive to their everyday problems, have often been the first to warn of the risks that these practices bring with them regarding the very survival of our cities.” (Sadiq Khan)


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Lambeth Council debate on estate demolition ballots

After Mayor Sadiq has come out in favour of balloting residents re demolition of their housing estates …


… Lambeth Council is debating the possibility of allowing ballots I three condemned Lambeth housing estates



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