Black Prince Trust looking for a new café partner

The café at BPT is currently vacant and we are looking for a new café partner at the Hub. The café is in excellent condition with c. 120 sq m of space incorporating: Continue reading

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Cinema museum petition and up-date

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What Boris did instead of voting on Heathrow

Plane Hell petition update

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Leaf blowers outside Rosewood House in VG

A few weeks ago I highlighted the noise and pollution nuisance caused by Wednesday morning leaf blowing sessions on the pavement outside Rosewood House. Since then I received a response from a resident of Rosewood House, saying that Lambeth will do something about the problem, if they receive three complaints in a month:

“We agree with you about the leaf blower. It is even worse for us in Rosewood House as we are also paying for this menace. I have complained and will let you know if we get anywhere…”

“Maybe complaints have been fobbed off so far but will persist.

I also reported them for anti social behaviour to the council. You can do this on the website. If they get three complaints in a month they will investigate. I thought noise, pollution and fly tipping as they are just blowing stuff into the street for Lambeth to clear up. I asked my neighbours to do this so would be good if you can too.”

Here’s a link to the Lambeth Council website where you can report noise nuisance

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KOV Summer Newsletter: Bumper issue

The KOV AGM coming up in October as usually we’re looking for new board members, most importantly, a new chair, as Helen Monger has tendered her resignation due to work and family commitments.

Also: Up-dates on the OAKDA planning application for the gasholder site, a KOV air pollution monitoring excercise carried out in collaboration with Friends of the Earth and more. Please click on this link and then on the first page of the newsletter itself:

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Our parks and green spaces are at risk due to spending cuts

The chair of KOV Forum, Helen Monger, whose day-time job is director of the London Parks and Gardens Trust, is quoted in this article: “You’ll end up with local authorities dedicating one or two parks as income generators and they just get festivals week in week out, and the rest will not be maintained and will gradually become dustbowls, developed on, or encouraging antisocial behaviour.”

Here’s another reason why you need parks and green spaces

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8 Albert Embankment Exhibition: The Fire Station

The exhibition event has already happened, but you can see the proposals online:

Please also read

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