Leaf blowers outside Rosewood House in VG

A few weeks ago I highlighted the noise and pollution nuisance caused by Wednesday morning leaf blowing sessions on the pavement outside Rosewood House. Since then I received a response from a resident of Rosewood House, saying that Lambeth will do something about the problem, if they receive three complaints in a month:

“We agree with you about the leaf blower. It is even worse for us in Rosewood House as we are also paying for this menace. I have complained and will let you know if we get anywhere…”

“Maybe complaints have been fobbed off so far but will persist.

I also reported them for anti social behaviour to the council. You can do this on the website. If they get three complaints in a month they will investigate. I thought noise, pollution and fly tipping as they are just blowing stuff into the street for Lambeth to clear up. I asked my neighbours to do this so would be good if you can too.”

Here’s a link to the Lambeth Council website where you can report noise nuisance


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