VG mature tree felled by Metropolitan

It was outside the VG/BS Conservation Area, what we don’t know is whether it was protected by a Tree Protection Order (TPO).

About two weeks ago looking out of my bedroom window I noticed a tree surgeon’s van in VG (between Rosewood House and Pippin Court) and soon after the sound of a motor saw and shredder, as well as movement in the crown of the beautiful mature tree in that corner. I rushed out to find out what’s going on – were they felling the tree or just pruning it? The workmen confirmed they were felling and had been contracted to do so by Metropolitan (I was shown a piece of paper). The reason for the removal, they said, was root damage to the paving stones and pushing up against the fence, which lead to the garden gate being difficult to open.

I looked at the tree and the pavement and noticed that the ground had been pushed upwards, but it looked to me like with bit of effort, the tree might have been accommodated.

Back in the house I looked up the conservation area designation that covers much of VG and all of BS and includes trees, but this tree was not in the designated area. Neither are the trees outside Rosewood House and the west side of the centre block.

Another way to protect trees is to have a Tree Protection Order (TPO) placed on them, but I don’t know whether this is the case in VG. Might be something worth looking into.


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