Time Bank Studio Space Open Day – 20 March

Time4Lambeth is opening a new Studio Space at the Carmelita Centre in Vauxhall, available on Mondays for people to use to develop their own projects or enterprise ideas.

However this Studio is a rentable space with a twist, as you ‘rent’ this space not by paying in money, but by giving your time to help others in the community.

The Studio Space is run on the principle of Timebanking. A Time Bank is a community project where local people share their skills and give their time to help each another. For every hour a person gives helping another person they ‘earn’ 1 time credit, which they can then ‘spend’ getting help back in return. Everyone’s skills are valued equally and everyone has something to give.

The Time Bank Studio Space will be ‘rented’ using time credits, and is designed to help local residents who have great ideas for community projects, groups, enterprises and businesses but don’t have any space to create them in, and can’t afford to rent a traditional studio. We want to help to grow and develop your own ideas for projects and activities!

Local people can use the Studio Space for whatever ideas they have that they would like to develop, and can pay for using it by giving their time to help others in the community!

So for example someone might like to use the Studio Space to set up a dance class, and they could ‘rent’ it by giving the same time to help an older resident around the home, or somebody might like to use it as a workshop to make products for their new business, and they could ‘rent’ it by giving time to help out with local volunteering projects.

Other members of the Time Bank can also help you grow your project idea by getting involved and co-producing it with you, and can even donate their hours to help pay for the space!

We’re completely open to any ideas local people have who would like to use the Studio Space. There’s really no limit to how people can use the space, so if you’ve got an idea you want to try out please do get in touch, no matter how large or small it is! Our only requirement is that people use the space in ways that benefit the local area and community, so for example using it to set up a community project or a local business.

Time4Lambeth will be hosting an open day at the Studio Space on Tuesday 20th March, from 10am-12pm, with a workshop beginning at 11am. The full address is the Carmelita Centre, 41 Vauxhall Walk, Vauxhall, SE11 5JT.

For more information please click here<https://pgtimebank.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1630e38a78f2d5a0054838317&id=881906aa64&e=f1bea3f995> or to inquire about using the space please contact Time4Lambeth Coordinator, David Goslyn, attime4lambeth@pgtimebank.org or on 020 8670 0990.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and to supporting you to develop and grow your ideas!

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