Deconstructing London 5 – 17  March 

Photo exhibition

The Camera Club 16 Bowden Street, SE11 4DS London, United Kingdom

Deconstructing London is a collection of photographs from investigative journalist George Turner.

London’s housing crisis has provoked a political imperative to build more homes. This has often led to development at any cost, and the costs are significant.

Large housing estates are being demolished to make way for new developments of unaffordable homes, homeless people are being crammed into tiny micro-flats, and valued public spaces are demolished to make way for allegedly luxury buildings.
The very word development suggests an improvement and new developments are always marketed as such – but are we really benefiting?

This exhibition displays some of the costs and some of the damage being done by the current model of urban development in London.

Over the past five years George been both an observer of the conflicts created by the demolition and reconstruction of much of London, and an activist.

In articles for the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and his own website, OurCity.London he has exposed the abuses of the planning system and the deficiencies of the model of urban development.

In 2015 he took the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Lambeth Council and the Shell International Petroleum Company to court over a £1.6bn scheme to redevelop the South Bank in what became one of London’s highest profile planning battles.

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