End of the bus station: Comments by 31 Dec

Two huge towers, bus stops all over the place, no rain cover – some would say: that’s no bus station at all.

Call me cynical, but a consultation on something as controversial as this in the last two weeks of December?

From Helen and Pauline

 “Vauxhall Island Site Planning Application

The planning application by VCI Holdings to develop the island site, has now been submitted to Lambeth with a deadline of 31 December for comments, see below.


REF: 17/05807/EIAFUL

We will be commenting on its implications for the bus station and you may wish to do the same.

1                                            The land swap with TFL will be at the expense of the southern part of the bus station, which will be demolished to achieve it.

2                                            The great bulk of the development  (500  room hotel, 250 flats, shops and restaurants), will not allow for a way through for passengers changing buses, except through the shopping mall which will be closed at night.

3                                            Traffic will be affected by the number of service and delivery vehicles entering and leaving the site by the sole access point on Wandsworth Rd.

Hoping you all pass a Happy Christmas. We will notify you of the result of the Planning Meeting for the Bus Station, next week.

Best wishes

Pauline and Helen

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