Weeding in the community – report about latest efforts

“Hello everyone I hope you are not suffering sore backs and shoulders after your amazing sterling work on Saturday! We did a really great job.

It was a real shame rain sent everyone scattering in different directions as lunch had been made and it was hoped we could all eat together with our guests from Vauxhall One under the tree by the Pleasure Gardens. Lucky for us we have a Community Centre we could offer our guests shelter and food.
I would be very grateful if you have a second to let me know how you think Saturday went and how we might move forward in planning another collaboration with Vauxhall One. How do you like the weeded streets?

I can only say from my experience that I enjoyed the company of a very pleasant group of people who over the course of the five hours we spent together, opened up and talked about their thoughts, their lives and their neighbourhoods. Poetry was recited at one point! There was lots of laughing and everyone got on together. Despite the downpours, huge amounts of work were achieved that day by all of us put together.

I wonder if you agree that we have a lot to offer people who have been disenfranchised and are now attempting to make amends. I was shocked to hear how people passing by the group working out on our streets shout insults, hurl abuse at them. I find that upsetting to say the least.

I would be very grateful if anyone is interested to explore what we might offer in exchange for the obvious desire to help us. I am thinking generosity of spirit, as a community do we not we have a huge amount available? Many of us understand hardship and struggle and the rewards that can be reaped through our own transformation. Surely our neighbourhood is testimony to that.

Thank you again for making another collective weeding possible and being there together.

Our next weed is 19th August followed by 2nd September.

Please let me know your thoughts and forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

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