Lambeth Safer Streets Team – Briefing

The Lambeth Safer Streets Team (SST) works with rough sleepers and people involved in street activity such as begging, street drinking and street based drug use. Our role is to support people into accommodation and support services and away from street based lifestyles.

What we do:

We operate a street outreach service, 7 days a week, at various times, across the whole borough.

We work in partnership with the police and other agencies to address the needs of people living and working on the streets.

We provide assessment, advice and referrals to services such as primary healthcare, substance misuse services, counselling, housing and benefits.

We aim to help enable people to address their issues, access appropriate support and lead more constructive, safer and more responsible lives.

We also provide a visible presence on the streets to reassure local people and the business community.

Next steps:

If you are sleeping rough in Lambeth and need support advice or information, call the office number  on 020 7501 0601

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough in Lambeth, call the office number or email to make a referral.

If you live or work in Lambeth and are concerned about people begging, street drinking or using drugs in public please contact the SST office via phone or email.

If you work for a statutory or voluntary sector agency and would like further information about the work we do please contact the SST office via phone or email.

Further information:

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