Chemical alert – help prevent Glyphosate to be sprayed in our neighbourhood!

If you’d like to help repeat last year’s success in preventing Lambeth from spraying our pavements with the controversial weed killer Glyphosate, please join us for another neighbourly hand weeding session on Saturday afternoon, 3rd  June. Meet in Bonnington Garden at 3 pm for instructions. BSGA are also holding their monthly workday on that day. Bring weeding tools e.g. trowels if you can, but some will be made available. We will start weeding in VG, more sessions (also in BS and LL) to follow in the coming months if necessary.

A proposal of how to proceed from a representative of Bonnington Square Garden Association (BSGA): “In VG it is the bigger clumps of weeds and grass that need removing. We can spray with salt/vinegar which will help prevent re-occurrence, but the fewer areas we have to spray the better! There are plenty of hoes in the HRCG shed so these should help, and we can store up green waste until 3rd June workday in BSGA after which a green waste skip will be provided by the council. (HRCG NB)

There is some doubt on how thorough the weeding has to be, because the criteria specified by former head of Lambeth SreetCare Keith Naish have been changed since his successor Michal Clark took over last year. Keith Naish had told us, that only weeds that represented a trip or skid hazard had to go. His successor stipulated that all weeds that damage the pavement have to be removed.

Therefore we will endeavour to agree with Mr. Clark before 3rd June exactly how much weeding we need to do in order to satisfy Lambeth’s standards of safety etc. and to prevent chemical spraying.


Your Neighbourhood Weeding Nerds

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