Time4Lambeth Looking for a New Home

Time4lambeth is looking for new space. At present it meets fortnightly on Thursdays from 12.30 – 2.30. As the residents attending are typically from around the area they would want to continue in the North of the borough if possible (North Lambeth / Vauxhall / Kennington).

Our budget is very small and so we would need to benefit from cheap or free space.

Any other groups in the area who may be interested in using Timebanking would be great to link in with too. At present we are a nice group developing of mainly women, with lots of crafts activities happening among other exchanges taking place. Other groups that want to engage would be more than welcome to.

If you have a suggestion, please contact:
Dave Goslyn – Time4Lambeth Project Coordinator – email:time4lambeth@pgtimebank.org


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