Update re CPZ in VG, BS & LL

From Cllr Jane Edbrooke:

“Dear all,

I know I’ve mentioned this to some residents but I wanted to update you on the Bonnington Square area CPZ extension.

Since the extension was enacted we’ve had really positive feedback from residents. Of course we still have ASB issues – and I know it’s been brought to my attention that we have seen a bit of a resurgence of whippets (the little metal gas canisters) on the streets. These are still banned and I’ll raise with the police.

The current experimental traffic order is fully enforceable having adequate signs/lines and remain in force till 3rd of March 2017. As you are aware, this order include Vauxhall Grove, Bonnington Square, Lawn Lane and Langley lane. Officers have reviewed the feedback and am pleased to inform you that there was no negative feedback from the statutory consultation.

Officers have therefore instructed the traffic order maker to convert this order to a permanent order so we can make the permanent order on time before the expiry date.

Thought I’d include the email history over the last two years – things take time but your Labour Councillors do not give up! Also a big thanks to residents who have helped to make this happen and worked with us to improve the area.


Cllr Jane Edbrooke

Cabinet member for Children and Schools

Ward Councillor for Oval Ward


—————————————————————————————————–More information re CPZ  from Gary O’Key, Lead Scrutiny Officer, Corporate Resources, London Borough of Lambeth

” To: All Equality Streets stakeholders

Dear all,

I am writing to inform you that the final report of the scrutiny commission “Equality Streets: Parking in a Liveable Lambeth”, setting out the commission’s findings and recommendations, will be published on the 28/2/17 Overview & Scrutiny Committee (OSC) agenda on Monday 20 February. This will be accessible via the following link:


Please note that this OSC meeting has a separate focus (on health and social care matters) and the Equality Streets report is included on the agenda principally in order for the committee to formally endorse its reporting to Cabinet; therefore it is not expected to be substantively discussed.

It will however be considered more fully at the March Cabinet meeting (currently scheduled for 13/3) where an action plan detailing the response to the recommendations will also be reported. The agenda for this meeting will be published on Friday 3 March at:



If anyone has any queries or would like any further information please let me know.




Gary O’Key

Lead Scrutiny Officer

Corporate Resources

London Borough of Lambeth

Phone: 020 7926 2183

Mobile: 07534 268634
Email: gokey@lambeth.gov.uk

Website: www.lambeth.gov.uk

Twitter: @LBLdemocracy

Facebook: Lambeth Council – Democracy Live


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