Transport for London Update – Vauxhall Gyratory

TfLs findings that “61 per cent were generally positive towards the proposal” is taken as general approval for all their plans for the gyratory, including the demolition of the bus station.

TfL briefing:

“Between 24th November 2015 and 17th January 2016, we ran a consultation on detailed proposals for changes to Vauxhall Cross.

In March 2016 we published a factual consultation report which summarised the consultation process and the responses we received. This new report provides our response to the issues commonly raised during the consultation. It also explains the changes to the scheme we propose to make as a result.

We received 1,247 responses to the consultation. The overall responses show:

  • 61 per cent were generally positive towards the proposals
  • 8 per cent were neither negative nor positive towards the proposals
  • 31 per cent were generally negative towards the proposals

Having considered responses received during the consultation, we plan to proceed with our proposals to transform Vauxhall, although we have made a number of changes to some elements of the scheme. Details of these changes are set out in this report under section 2.1 and in summary include changes to some footway and crossing areas, some bus stop locations and wider changes in scope to the project.

Please click here to view our Response to Issues Raised Report (PDF)

The next stage of the design process will focus on improving the bus station, new public spaces and associated elements such as lighting, public amenities, greening and public art opportunities. We will be holding engagement events in early 2017 where we will share the proposed bus station structures, within the context of the public square and associated elements.

Following the engagement events we will be submitting a planning application for the bus station structures in spring 2017. Subject to the planning decision and other approvals, we plan to start construction of the new road layout and bus station in 2019.”

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