Constituency Boundary Changes

The Boundary Commission has just published its proposals for parliamentary constituency boundary changes.   The proposals place Prince’s ward into a new constituency called “Camberwell and Vauxhall Bridge”.  Alongside Prince’s ward, this new constituency includes the following wards: Vassall, Brunswick Park, Camberwell Green, Faraday, Livesey, Newington and Peckham.

You can give your views on the proposed changes up until mid-December.   More information at:

Looking at the descriptions of the new constituencies – page 18-19 of

See below some interesting comments I came across on the Lambeth CC email group:

“… it strikes me that its a bit of a mishmash in terms of the new constituencies being made up of bits of Lambeth and Southwark and other boroughs to ensure they meet the quota of electors rather than being based around ‘natural’ town centre areas – this will mean that the MPs will have to work with two borough councils with maybe at times conflicting priorities (but maybe this isnt an issue?). It will mean that the new MPs will have to get up to speed about cycling / road traffic issues in their new constituency

In terms of MPs I wouldnt be surprised if Harman and/or Hoey is encouraged to retire – both will have been in parliament for 30+ years at the expected next election in 2020 – but who knows?”

“I see we may be losing an MP …

… despite low voter registration and new residential developments bringing in more people. There may be new ‘Clapham North and Stockwell’ and ‘Camberwell and Vauxhall bridge’ parliamentary constituencies.  The boundaries may be less aligned than now, and it might create a bun fight between Kate Hoey and Harriet Harman?

I’m not sure of the implications for cyclists but if you want a say look here:

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