Tackling Fly-tipping and Graffiti

Are you fed up with Fly Tippers, Dumpers, Spitting and dog mess?    You can help report this anti-social behaviour.  Lambeth has a team of officers patrolling the borough with the aim to investigate and removed dump rubbish.  On the stop fines of £80 will be issued and we continue to prosecute all those we find responsible.  Latest news on prosecutions and investigations 
Fly tipping
If you witness any incident, or are in a position to gather photographic evidence then this will help us get the message through.  If you have any information regarding fly-tippers, witnessed it or have evidence that could help catch those responsible you can report it direct to Lambeth using the following online form http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/forms/report-dumped-rubbish-form

Fly Posters & Graffiti

Report dog fouling

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