Tree damage in Vauxhall Grove

VG Sorbus damage 1

A local resident reported damage done to a tree in VG during the resurfacing works to the Lambeth Transport and Highways department, (see below):

“Dear Stephen

I am writing to report serious damage done to a mature Sorbus tree in Vauxhall Grove SW8 yesterday by contractors undertaking resurfacing works. As you can see in the attached photographs  the damage is serious and totally avoidable if more care is taken while using machinery.

The majority of trees planted in the Grove were planted and cared for by residents in partnership with and support from, the team from Lambeth Tree dept. Money was raised and volunteers provided the labour to get these trees established and ongoing maintenance is carried out by LBL in consultation with residents. Therefore it is most upsetting to see contractors employed by LBL causing damage to what are now mature specimens.

When similar damage has been committed in the past and the culprits identified we have asked for a donation to the Bonnington Square Garden Association, primarily to act as a deterrent and to ensure that Lambeth’s contractors take more care in the future.

Therefore I would be grateful if you could insist that CVU Ltd make a donation of £300.00 as compensation and demand that they take care to avoid such unnecessary damage in the future.

Many Thanks for your attention.

On 21 July 2016 at 11:19, Lucas,Stephen <> wrote:

Good morning Mr.,

Please accept my apologies on behalf of our contractor.

I shall forward this to them immediately to investigate and explore available options in regards to the damaged tree.

I shall update you once i have heard from the contractor.


Stephen Lucas

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