Weed spraying rearing up its ugly head again in VG

Many residents in VG and BS were dismayed to find that yesterday (Wednesday) a Lambeth  StreetCare worker was apprehended spraying weed killer in VG only weeks after a neighbour had organised a project of weeding in the Grove in which a number of residents took part. Following an onsite inspection Keith Naish, Lambeth StreetCare operations manager had confirmed that the work we had done satisfied Lambeth’s standards and that it would not be necessary for Lambeth Street Care to use chemical spray.

Despite this agreement, Keith had apparently authorised weed spraying in VG on Wednesday 8 June.  Particularly upsetting was the fact that he had agreed to inform Vine Housing Co-op, as a major stakeholder in the area, in advance if Lambeth Street Care had any concerns about weeds in VG and specify what needs to be done. We would then be able to mobilise a significant number of residents who would be able to deal with any weed problem.

Residents have taken up this issue with Keith, emailing him today and yesterday.

NB: Apparently BS is not affected, because of the re-paving works planned for this Summer.

Further information regarding the weed killer Glyphosate, also known as Roundup:


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