Humane weed control in Vauxhall Grove

The weekend before last, some residents did some weeding on pavements in Vauxhall Grove, hoping to avert the impending weed spraying by Lambeth Street Care which was scheduled for last week. Several local residents had expressed concerns about the health risks associated with the weed killer of choice, glyphosate.

We invited Keith Naish from Lambeth Street Care to come and judge for himself whether any weed spraying would be needed at all, and he did so last Friday

Please read the report below about the outcome of Keith’s visit.CIMG2845

Weed spraying averted

“A few of us met Keith Naish, from Lambeth Street Care this morning, and he walked round Vauxhall Grove with us.  He said he was satisfied with the weeding we had done and that spraying would not be necessary.

He explained that Lambeth’s priority is that the pavements should be safe, so that the Council would not be held responsible for any accident that might occur to someone walking on them.  So he was looking in particular for trip hazards or slippery surfaces. He was not concerned about growth around the trees -even if they are ‘weeds’.  They had not had any complaints about Vauxhall Grove.

He also explained that when contractors are employed they simply do spraying regardless.  VG and BS are areas where the council undertake the street care themselves and prefer to liaise with residents.

We told him of our concerns about the use of chemical weedkillers, and passed on to him the petition organised by Vic.

So thanks to everyone who did the weeding.  All in all it was a positive outcome!





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