URGENT – ask MPs to halt reckless policy on change-of-use

From April 6th the Government wants to make permanent the legislation allowing the conversion of offices, industrial buildings and launderettes into housing land, without the need for planning permission.

This extension of Permitted Development will continue to threaten business space, jobs and services, as pressure from housing developers mounts, due to land values.

Viable jobs, businesses and services, the healthy diversity of London and UK towns and cities – all will be sacrificed, often to allow private developers to build investment properties.

The inclusion of launderettes is a direct attack on people’s ordinary needs.

“Dozens of small businesses in our borough are being tossed out by developers as a result of this policy.” said Lord True, Conservative Leader of Richmond Council debating the Housing Bill in the House of Lords.

PLEASE URGENTLY CONTACT YOUR MP – and any others you know – to request that they sign Ruth Cadbury MP’s Early Day Motions opposing Statutory Instrument no.332, the introduction of permanent Permitted Development of offices, industrial buildings and launderettes.

Early Day Motion 1279 http://www.parliament.uk/…/…/early-day-motions/edm-detail1/

Early Day Motion 1328 http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2015-16/1328

Memo on the Statutory Instrument


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