Kill the Housing Bill – secure homes for all – control rents

The Housing Bill is facing 400+ amendments in the House of Lords and will next be discussed on 11 and 13 April, plus a further date yet to be decided ( maybe 20th?).

A member of the Lords advises: ‘If there are government defeats, the Bill goes back to the Commons, then returns to us (probably overturning the defeats).  So the end is not yet in sight!’

The campaign is now reaching out to new areas, after the great national march on 13th March. The 15th April ‘sleep out’ protest outside housing offices and town halls, is an opportunity for local action, involving new areas and groups, to spell out that the Housing Bill means more homelessness.  Suggestions include a street ‘soap box’ meeting,  banners and posters as well as sleeping bags and camping chairs, and inviting local media.

We will be on the Peoples Assembly march for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education on 16 April – see details here

Eileen Short

for Kill the Housing Bill campaign

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