Email M. Sesnan, CEO of GLL (gyms into libraries)

Please send an email to the CEO of GLL, the company that will run our libraries as Healthy Living Centres, asking him to reconsider. See below his email address and model email:

Dear Mr Sesnan

Lambeth’s disastrous plan to turn four of its libraries into unstaffed, minimal provision is a major problem for you.

At its heart is the creation – by GLL – of two gyms which are not wanted, and are surplus to local requirements. Public opposition has been total and vehement – and is growing rather than diminishing.

Public action will continue long after any buildings are closed on April 1 and legal challenge is also shortly to be made.

All this can do nothing but harm to GLL’s reputation. The arrangement with GLL has in itself also been subject to intense suspicion from the start; made in secret, with apparently no business plan, costings or market research, it is also a waste of resources.

Again, GLL’s reputation is being badly damaged. GLL positions itself as an ethical, community-focused organisation. It is the very reverse of this if it allies itself with a scheme that destroys much-used, much-loved libraries in favour of pointless gym provision, on terms that are widely held to need a great deal of explanation.

A response from you is urgently awaited.

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