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Fire violence Saturday night Advertisements

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Light dawns at TfL?

Hidden at the bottom of P 12 in the Evening Standard last Friday, a report that TfL’s “Separate proposals to demolish the Vauxhall bus garage have been put on ice after about a third of respondents opposed TfL’s proposed changes”.

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Vauxhall 10th best place to live in London – according to ES

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Glut of luxury flats at Nine Elms on the Southbank

Sadly people don’t buy Money-Boxes In The Sky to live in them  

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The two Kill The Bill marches – videos

Please scroll down for the videos 13 March February

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Petition to stop the Housing Bill  

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Petition against co-op housing evictions in Lambeth

Lambeth Council is forcing people from their homes of up to 40 years, whole communities are being wiped off the map. Please sign the petition to stop co-op housing evictions

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