Vauxhall Gyratory & Bus Station: The TFL Top Brass listen – but will they act?

From Helen and Pauline

We have had two meetings with Transport Officialdom, thanks to Kate Hoey’s tireless support.

On 19 January, together with other local representatives,  we met Leon Daniels, Head of Surface Transport, and his team at the House of Commons. The ‘consultation ‘ is now closed and they intend to publish the results before the end of March. The officials then go into ‘purdah’ before the Mayoral election – but we don’t have to. It will be up to us to respond loudly and appropriately to their conclusions at a time when they can’t join in!.

TfL are sticking stoutly to their view that TfL’s way  is the best way, but he did admit that two-way working could be made to work without demolishing the bus station.

On 27 January Kate brought Lord Ahmad, (Minister for London with responsibility for Transport), plus the TfL team and Richard Tracey, GLA member for Merton and Wandsworth, to walk round the bus station while Helen and I  explained exactly why we think TfL have got it wrong.

Let’s hope there is a lot of discussion going on behind closed doors about the strength of public opposition.

You will be amused to hear that Leon Daniels, who says he likes the bus station, had in his briefcase the Save the Bus Station badge we gave him on first meeting two years ago, but wouldn’t put it on in case anyone took a photo of him.

Please sign the petition if you haven’t already, and ask your friends too.

best wishes

Pauline and Helen

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