Reminder – please do participate in this consultation, because it will affect you!

The consultation period closes on Sunday 17 January 2016. 

Some issues to consider in your submission:

  • TfL/Lambeth no longer say that the redesign of the gyratory would be impossible if the bus station stays. However, in their consultation the only option on offer is demolition. The bus station was built less than 12 years ago and cost of over £4 million. Surely the approach routes can be adapted to the new gyratory design and the station itself modernised without demolition.
  • TfL’s plans envisage scattering the bus stops around Vauxhall Cross, for example underneath the viaduct, and there will not be a full canopy to provide weather protection. This is also a security issue, because people waiting at bus stops will be more isolated and often out of sight of other bus users.
  • TfL also says that the imaginative Our Vauxhall proposal for a more radical redesign is not viable, e.g. taking out one arm of the main round-about and of the mini-gyratory (Harleyford Road/Kennington Lane/Durham Road) respectively. Furthermore the Our Vauxhall proposal does not affect the current bus station location.
  • TfL has not disclosed data to back up their arguments.
  • From the artists’ renderings in TfL’s consultation documents it is unclear what the new bus station will look like and no detail is provided about the planned substantial commercial buildings that are to go on the site of the old bus station.
  • TfL says (but did not model it) that the Our Vauxhall proposal has to have an extra traffic lane in Wandsworth Road to accommodate traffic flow. However, while TfL claims to take out one traffic lane from Wandsworth Road, this is going to accommodate some of the relocated bus stops after the existing bus station has been turned into a high street.
  • One of the arguments used against the Our Vauxhall proposal is the question of access to Vauxhall Grove and Bonnington Square. The Our Vauxhall proposal will work out this detail to the benefit of residents, if the Our Vauxhall proposal is given a chance to be modelled properly by TfL.
  • The taxi rank under the railway viaduct (in Lambeth Place opposite the Light Box) is to be replaced with bus stops, which means that taxis/mini cabs will look elsewhere to pick up their clubbing fares, e.g. Vauxhall Grove.

For more information on the Our Vauxhall proposal:

You can provide your views/feedback via:
– the online TfL Vauxhall Cross consultation page                                                                   – email: (ref Vauxhall)
– tel: 0343 222 1155 (Service and network charges may apply)

And don’t forget to sign the petition and get your friends to do so too:

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