Hurry, you can still take part in the consultation for the gas holder site!

The deadline is today, 16 December

If you missed the presentation for the gas holder site at the last KOVF meeting, please have a look at the alternative proposal from Create Streets below which shows far more understanding and sensitivity towards the local area than the OKDA Masterplan. When you scroll down to the bottom, you get to the OAKDA consultation survey, (deadline  today, 16 December).

Some of the main issues are: height (two 15 m tall towers setting a precedent for a cluster), the creation of a green link between Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and Kennington Park, and building materials and designs that reflect traditional features of the local area rather than the bland generic architecture currently so popular in London.

However, everything is relative, and if the OAKDA proposal was for Vauxhall Cross, many people around here would leap with joy

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