Cycling through Vauxhall on the new Cycling Super-Highway

I wouldn’t necessarily do what the cyclist did in this article (see link) but maybe he just didn’t like Boris for other reasons.

Riding the new Cycle Super Highway from Oval to Pimlico being segregated from motor traffic does feel safer (although more time spent waiting at traffic lights), but you have to watch other cyclists and pedestrians like a hawk, especially at multi-modal transport crossing points where you have to expect fast moving cyclists crossing you path from all directions . Some cyclists just ignore the new cycle traffic lights, some pedestrians amble along the cycle paths, talking down their mobile phones. Another issue are left and right turns on and off the path: some guide you via intricate feeder lanes with their own cycle traffic lights, some expect you to use pedestrian crossings, on others (e.g. Durham Street) you find curbs blocking your access to the cycle path forcing you to ride on a stretch of road next to the cycle path. Is the new cycle super highway safe for the old and infirm and the un-accompanied children? From a cyclist’s perspective – it does feel safer (with caveats). From a pedestrian’s perspective – competing for space with cyclists – there’s bound to be conflict.

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