Books about Vauxhall

Just in time for X-mas!

1 The ultimate ‘little history’ of Vauxhall by Ross Davies

2 Gabriel Gbadamosi ‘Vauxhall’

The author spent his childhood in Vauxhall, in a neighbourhood that has since been demolished; the rubble provided the basis for the mounts and hillocks of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

3 A comprehensive and pleasurable cultural history of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens by David Coke & Alan Borg

4 This one is centred on the history of St Peters Church edited by Tim Clifford

“Did you know there was a fireworks tower on the site of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens?  150 years ago it burned down, and a very fine church rose up:  St Peter’s, Vauxhall.  An eclectic bunch of locals, from teenagers to 97-year-olds and nuns to cabaret artists, have written a book to celebrate.” (from:  For more information

5  ‘Via Vauxhall’ photobook of Vauxhall by Niall Mcdiarmid

6 Vauxhall Sex and Entertainment by Penelope J. Corfield

“By studying Vauxhall’s rise and fall, we can understand the upheavals of the entertainment sector in the ‘modern’city.”

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