Our Vauxhall vs. Lambeth Sweet Talk

By Helen & Pauline

Request: If anyone has PR or Social Media skills, we would appreciate any extra help on offer. www.ourvauxhall.com

Lambeth refuse point blank to ask TfL to test the Our Vauxhall plans, or to include them as an option in the forthcoming consultation – now conveniently delayed to the end of November and to run over Christmas and New Year when most people’s minds are on other things.

It seems that they would rather concentrate on links to the river and the gleaming metropolis up stream to Battersea, than extend the benefits of the Our Vauxhall Plan to the greater part of the neighbourhood, east of the railway viaduct.

This month’s Lambeth Talk shows their romantic vision of future South Lambeth Rd – three lanes of traffic (one car, one moped and a bus and not an HGV in sight), with a pavement doubled in width to allow us to fully breath in the polluted air as we sip our lattes. Compare  with the Our Vauxhall version on offer.

Lambeth think we will be blown away by the new plans to be unveiled next month. We shall see.

1,374 people voted for ‘redesigning’ the bus station (3.05% of the 45,000 passengers who use the bus station daily), and then only ‘whilst maintaining or improving public transport  interchange and facilities’, which plans put up so far have failed to do.

It is up to us to ensure that TFL/Lambeth do consider the Our Vauxhall plan which will make life so much better for everyone who lives in or passes through our special neighbourhood.

Pauline and Helen


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