The Visioning Vauxhall exhibition – your comments welcome

I was at the Visioning Vauxhall exhibition last weekend – on the whole it looked a bit unimpressive – a wider pavement and pedestrian crossing here and a new tree planted there, all looking the usual bland & beautiful of an artistic rendering. On closer inspection (and talking to staff and other visitors to the exhibition) I discovered that the new cycle path suddenly stops outside RVT forcing cyclists into the traffic, and that according to TfL’s layout for the new bus station ALL bus routes will have to complete the dog leg under the Railway Arch before entering the bus station.

One local visitor I spoke to was rather dismayed having just woken up to the realisation that the new student towers opposite Park Mansions will be about as tall as Centre Point.

There are no clear suggestions of what the new District Centre or indeed the new bus station might look like, except that there’ll be shops on the south side, not sure what role Rowton House (homeless hostel) will play in this scenario.

One notable absence: the community option for the gyratory which involves the greening of South Lambeth Road between Vauxhall Park and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, details on

If you couldn’t make it, you can see the exhibition online

and submit your comments by

by Friday 16 October 2015.

Love Vauxhall say that they will be publishing the results of all their conversations with local people about what a future Vauxhall could look like in a Visioning Vauxhall document next month. This, along with all the feedback from the exhibition, will be shared with TfL in advance of their consultation on the Vauxhall gyratory next month.

Only available to those who attended the exhibition was a glossy children’s book of Lambeth’s vision of the brave new Vauxhall, charting Vauxhall’s history from swamp village to VauxWall – and depicting the bright future for young Vauxallites who will be able to pursue careers as security guards, retail assistants and hotel receptionists window cleaners and traffic marshalls, office workers with secret service and film crew thrown in for ta bit of glamour.



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