Cycle parking applications extended to October

Lambeth has a new officer responsible for cycle parking applications.  Pawel Ryczah is now leading on this scheme, and applications for interest have been extended until October.  Please see below for more details.  If interested, please contact Pawel directly on, or Cllr Joanne Simpson on

The Lambeth bike hangar programme has expanded beyond expectations, there are now 150 Lambeth bike hangars across the Borough.

The objective is to deliver a balanced equitable provision of secure cycle parking across the Borough.  Approximately 10% of our portfolio services residents in estates.  25% of the budget from this year’s funding (£35k), in order to support deliver of secure parking to our estates.  This will provide 10 bike hangars.  With match funding from yourselves this will increase to 20 bike hangars spread across the borough would enable the community to have a significant amount of secure storage (120 bike spaces). 

Many residents have commented on the challenges of keeping bikes secure in estates, as often space internally is a challenge or for some of the less able just getting a bike up and down tight stairwells is unmanageable.  Housing officers and residents alike have provided information about the issues around keeping balconies and stairwells clear of chained up bikes, which makes the Lambeth bike hangar (or bin / laundry room conversion) the ideal solution for all.

Working with Notting Hill Housing Trust four ground floor laundry rooms have been converted and delivered six bike hangars around the estate.  This provided them with secure parking for over 75 cycles, around 10% of the estate population. 

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