Lambeth Licensing Public Access Now Live

From Lambeth Planning

The findings and feedback from the Licensing workshops last year and subsequent engagement with staff and key partners including the police, Councillors and the community highlighted a desire for increased accessibility to information around licensing.

To this end the council has continued to develop their online presence following the introduction of the online Licensing map late last year, and the team is  now launching the public access facility for Licensing.  This makes it easier to search for and find out information about licensing applications and existing licences via the council’s website.

How to access and use the site

Attached is a 14-page document which takes you through the registration and sign in processes, and a step by step guide on how to use the facility.  The site is now accessible via this link:

If you have previously registered to use Public Access for planning you will not need to register again, as your current log in details will still apply, however if you have not you will need to register by clicking on the link below before you will be able to use the Licensing Public Access site:

Following requests for more information around Temporary Event Notices (TENs) you can now search for this by entering ‘TEN’ in the search box.  Currently the team is only able to offer information on new TENs applications (received from Monday 14th September).  When you carry out a search for TENs applications please disregard the start and end dates on the summary page and use instead the ‘activities’ and ‘event info’ options under the ‘details’ tab which will take you to the correct information that applies.  They continue to work with the developer to overcome this, and also so that they can provide the same level of information on TENs for all applications (past and present) so please bear with them  in the interim.

As ever please let them know your views on using the site and its content.  Please email: or Jamie Akinola with your feedback and/or suggestions for improvement.

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