Planning Application Westminster Towers, 3 Albert Embankment and Spring Mews, Vauxhall Walk

Affordable housing to be provided off-site.

There are two applications scheduled for Lambeth’s Planning Applications Committee on 13th October for variation of condition/deed of variation relating to Westminster Tower and the Spring Mews developments.

The proposals would result in removal o.nts to the extant permission for the scheme known as Spring Mews on Tinworth Street.  The current affordable housing provision within Westminster Tower is 11 shared ownership units which would be studio apartments.  Issues relating to limited dwelling mix and affordability of the approved affordable housing within Westminster Tower led officers to question whether a better affordable housing mix could be delivered in one of the applicants other development within Vauxhall, which has led to these applications.

The proposal to remove the 11 consented shared ownership units within Westminster Tower and provide 9 affordable rented units off-site within Spring Mews is an opportunity to improve on the type, quality and tenure of affordable housing and their suitability for occupiers and has resulted in the 11 studios being replaced by 9, 1-bed and 2-bed units.

In a previous Prince’s newsletter it was reported that when Westminster Towers applications was originally presented to the Planning Applications Committee last year, Cllr Joanne Simpson presented to the committee her concerns about the real-terms affordability of the studio units, given that the land value meant that they fell within the GLA income cap of £66,000 – a salary most local residents can only dream of – and that expensive bedsits did little to help meet our acute local need for more affordable housing.  Replacing the small shared ownership units from Westminster Tower with larger affordable rented units within the Spring Mews Block D development, together with an increased office provision is considered by Lambeth officers to be a significant improvement over the approved development on both sites.  However, please feel free to let us know what you think.  For more information about the application, or to make an objection or letter of support, please contact the relevant planning officer Kevin Tohill, on

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