Guardrail at Harleyford Garden entrance not to be reinstated by TfL

An email sent by Helen Irwin to neighbours and fellow gardeners in Harleyford Road, Kate Hoey, MP, Oval Ward Councillors, Val Shawcross

copied to TfL, headteachers of St Anne’s School and St Mark’s School, Nick Curtis, Evening Standard.

“TfL are going to remove the safety railing outside the entrance to the Community Garden on Harleyford Road.

Some years ago, at the request of the Garden group, TfL erected the safety guardrail to the entrance to the Community Garden, to minimise the risk of children dashing on to the busy road.  Such guardrails are commonly placed at entrances to parks and schools. The route through the garden is used by many parents and children on their way to St Anne’s and St Mark’s each morning, and by many other parents and small children.

I asked the TfL project manager for the works to build the “floating” bus stop on Harleyford Road for an assurance that the guardrail would be retained when the new cycleway and bus stop were completed.  I have received the reply below from TfL, saying the guardrail will be permanently removed.

In my view it will be even more important for there to be a safety barrier in place after the cycleway is operational.  Small children could be hit by cycles coming silently from either direction – a danger in my view, to all pedestrians, but most especially to children.  I am more and more concerned that this bus stop and cycleway are being put in place with no regard to the safety of pedestrians.

Please will you make everyone you know aware of this plan and join me in demanding that Transport for London agree to reinstate this guardrail when the current construction work is completed.



Begin forwarded message:

From: Meeson Andrew <>

Subject: CS5 Response to Text Message

Date: 2 July 2015 17:15:52 BST

To: “‘‘” <>

Cc: Dundon Nicholas <>, Rosser Aaron <>, “Lofts Alan (ST)” <>

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your text message to Alan this week. As Scheme Sponsor responsible for the design, I am responding on his behalf.

In order to accommodate the new two-way segregated cycle track and maintain minimum footway widths, the guard railing outside the community garden is being permanently removed.

As you are aware, a new floating bus stop bypass is being installed outside the community garden. The bus stop includes a refuge island for passengers with a marked pedestrian crossing point located outside the entrance to the community garden. The cycle track along this section of the route will be segregated from the footway by a small ridge, which will help to demarcate the cycle lane from the footway. I’ve included an image below to show you how the ridge will look.harleyfordkerb2015

On approaching the bus stop bypass, we expect cyclists to slow down as the cycle track chicanes. There will also be ‘slow’ markings in the cycle track surface on the approaches to the bus stop. It is also worth noting that there are three marked crossing points at the bus stop, with the one outside the community garden located in between the two others. Cyclists will therefore have already slowed considerably as they pass these crossing points before cycling past the entrance to the garden.

Works to the new bus stop are progressing well, with a view to opening it as soon as complete and safe to do so.

Kind regards,



Andrew Meeson

Scheme Sponsor – Cycle Superhighways
RSM Sponsorship | Road Space Management | Surface Transport | Transport for London

Zone 3Y4, 3rd Floor, Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8NJ
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