Latest round of consultation re gyratory and bus station

By Pauine Gaunt and Helen Irwin

On 25 June we were invited to Visioning Vauxhall, a workshop run by Lambeth’s latest team of Consultants, the respected Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners Group.

The agenda covered local people’s hopes and desires for the future of Vauxhall, including all forms of transport.We were divided into eight  teams  and given plans, maps etc to work on. As usual we were impressed by the skill and expertise displayed by attendees and their passionate commitment to making the centre of Vauxhall work.

It came as no surprise that every group presented their views and unanimously backed the community alternative plan, with a greened South Lambeth Road and the centre of Vauxhall being opened up to spread from the shops in Kennington Lane, through the arches into the transport hub and surrounding shops. This would be the alternative to swapping a one-way gyratory for a two-way gyratory as preferred by Lambeth and TfL, with heavy traffic still careering around all four sides.

If Lambeth and TfL are really committed to making Vauxhall a good place to be, and the bus station as good or better than before, in line with promised improvements to the tube and train stations and future proofing the facilities for increased passenger traffic, then they must listen to us.

More meetings and exhibitions are planned by Visioning Vauxhall. We will keep you posted.

Best wishes

Pauline Gaunt and Helen Irwin

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