Petition against the removal of government support for onshore wind farms the election, however, things have clearly got a lot worse and the Govt is now removing financial support and putting in place draconian changes to the planning system that will effectively cease any further onshore wind development througout the UK.

This is in parallel with increased tax breaks and a relaxation in planning controls for fracking, which has ironically been promoted as a lower carbon transition fuel as we move to a fully decarbonised economy (oh the irony!)

This onslaught on the cheapest form of renewable generation is particularly hard hitting on Scotland and the North of England where most projects were planned and the economic harm will be worst (areas which didn’t vote for the Conservatives, along with 76% of the electorate as a whole).

I have therefore set up a new petition, focussing on the subsidy cut.  There is no doubt that onshore wind will reach a point in the near future where subsidies are no longer required, but cutting them on one go rather than running them down more gradually over a few more years will wreck the sector. This will deny onshore wind the chance to reach financial maturity, and be subsidy free.

For information, existing support for onshore wind adds around £7 per year to the average family electricity bill.

I, and I would imagine the 30,000 UK workers employed in the onshore sector, would therefore be very grateful if you could sign and circulate this new petition.

hashtag #saveonshorewind


Dan Grierson

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