Neighbourhood Plan for Kennington Oval and Vauxhall – Correction!

The next Meeting is on 10 June (not 11 as previously stated), 7pm at the Carmelita Centre, Vauxhall Walk

KOV Forum is intending to deliver a neighbourhood plan in our area and needs your involvement as we are now ready to present our formal application to Lambeth Council.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

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A neighbourhood plan (NP) is a set of policies which allows communities to focus the planning system closer to their wishes for their area whilst remaining consistent with the strategic policies of the existing planning guidance.  In our case, a neighbourhood plan would need to be consistent with Lambeth’s Core Strategy (due to be replaced by the Lambeth Local Plan later this year). Once adopted, a neighbourhood plan overrides non-strategic policies and means that developers need to meet the policies set by local people as part of designing buildings they propose to construct or alter.Time to Apply

In October 2014 KOVF changed its Constitution to make itself legally ready to be designated by Lambeth Council as the Neighbourhood Planning body for our area. For the last three months KOVF has been raising the NP profile, gathering and analysing information about employment, open space and building types with help from graduate students at the University College London Bartlett School of Planning.

What happens next?

Lambeth will conduct a consultation on our application, to determine whether we can be designated to start the neighbourhood planning process. If designated, then we talk to as wide a range of people and interests as possible, and taking particular care to reach “the parts that other consultations do not reach” so as to provide proposals.  Once this is complete further consultation takes place on the draft NP culminating in a formal examination by an independent planning inspector.  Once approved by the planning inspector the NP is put to the electorate in a referendum in order to be adopted. We are one of the larger NP areas, with complicated issues, so this process is likely to take about two years to complete.

How to get involved

We need interested individuals and businesses, to come to our KOVF Planning Group public meeting at 7 pm on 11 June at the Carmelita Centre, see some of the UCL graduate student material, and sign up to help on NP issues.

If you are a representative of a Residents’, Tenants’, Amenity or Friends Group active in the KOVF area, please check the table at the end of this message. We want to be able to reach groups like yours quickly, but we have found that existing lists of groups and contacts are often out of date. So please email us at, if we have the wrong contact, or to fill in the gaps, or to add a group that we have missed. And because we want to reach all parts of our varied community, we are also interested in hearing from schools, churches and any other organisations who think their members have something they want to bring to this process.




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