BS pavement resurfacing options & trees brochure

1)   An urgent call from James Frazer and Andrew Gleave-Coley, both local gardeners (see messages below) to fill in the consultation brochure from Lambeth, and recommendations from them and on how best to do this.

2)   Report from James Ahmed who attended the Council meeting 27 May, and why he decided to cancel the meetings 28 May and 1 June

“GreetingsLambeth Consultation Deadline June 5th

If you have not done so Please respond to the Lambeth Bonnington Square Pavement Resurfacing Consultation. It must be returned by next Friday June 5th.

This can be done by filling in and returning the paper form sent out or online at

Following the proposal by LBL to remove street trees to relay the pavements in Bonnington Square a consultation is being undertaken. At a meeting on with Lambeth Officers on Wednesday it was agreed that a good response is required to Save our Trees from Unnecessary Removal. 

At the meeting it was also agreed that the Gingkos and other trees on their list will not be touched. However there was a discussion about the removal and replacement of three of the Cherries;

Outside  73BS, 66BS,and 27BS. 

These were considered to be possible candidates for replacement for various reasons…poor health, extensive root growth etc. Their removal would be a good opportunity to plant a more suitable/interesting specimen. It does not mean we will be restricted to the species listed by Lambeth.

Whether you have a view about these trees, or not, please respond to say you do not want any trees removed unless agreement is reached with residents.

On Q1 please tick Option B. 

On Q2 the Paving Option please tick Option 3 the Modular paving with Breedon Gravel. This is the best option to allow the trees to take up water.

On Q3 please don’t tick A or C. Enough already!

It is important to have your say!


Respond online or postage paid form available at Italos.



————————————————————————————————On 27 May 2015, at 20:53, ANDREW GLEAVE-COLEY wrote:

If you wish to have an input into Lambeth’s consultation process regarding pavement replacement and possible tree removal in Bonnington Square, and have not responded to the document delivered around the square from the council then it is important that you respond by 5th June (next Friday).

Some local residents had a meeting with the Highway department today, and the trees marked as definitely for removal may be saved if enough people say they want them saving.

If you feel that ticking a particular box on the form does not completely reflect your view then you should leave the box blank and write what you feel in the ‘comment’ section.

The list of suggested tree replacements need not be adhered to, and any choice will follow further consultation.

If you want to respond electronically go to:

This is the only way the consultation will work, and the best way the community will have a say.

Many thanks.

( The residents at the council meeting were James Booth, James Ahmed, James Fraser, Anna Odrich, Tina Febrey and myself).

Andrew Gleave-Coley


James reporting back from the  Council meeting:

“LAMBETH COUNCIL MEETING – Wednesday 27th May 2015

LAMBETH OFFICERS : Ian Neville, Bala Balaskanthan (Highways Department)

RESIDENTS : James Booth, James Ahmed, James Fraser, Andrew Gleave-Coley, Tina Edwards, Anna Odrich.


Our general perception was that Ian Neville & Bala Balaskanthan understood our concerns and, as explained in Andrew’s email, we anticipate their revised proposals via a fresh consultation document in due course.


This being the case, it would be premature to hold the proposed meeting on Monday 1st June in the Piazza so I’ve decided to cancel it in favour of one at a later date.


In addition : due to very poor response from those who had already contributed ideas and should have emailed by Tuesday 26th May, the meeting at my flat tonight (Thursday 28th May) is also cancelled, as has already been explained in a previous email.


We aim to formulate a fresh policy in response to the forthcoming consultation but until then, I can only reiterate Andrew’s recommendation for everyone to provide feedback.



James Ahmed


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