Refreshed ‘Vauxhall Perk Card’ – into infinity and beyond …

… including the new ‘Nine Elms on the Southbank’
Vauxhall One have recently announced the re-launch of their ‘Perk Card’ local offers scheme and that they we will be looking to expand the range of “incredible local offers from local businesses to the employees and residents of Vauxhall” right into the future Heart of Vauxhall, or as we should now call it ‘Nine Elms on the South Bank’.

The refreshed ‘Perk Card’ will mark new beginnings as Vauxhall spreads its wings and claims its rightful place in the newly branded area ‘Nine Elms on the Southbank’.

We await with anticipation the day when the ‘Perk Card’ will grant cardholders access to the urbanite glitz and glamour of Vauxhall Village 24/7, as well as day-time retail and fitness opportunities  and recreation in a maze of luscious green links and linear park.

The opening of Vauxhall’s futuristic new District Centre in the not-too-distant future will be welcomed by many, but Vauxhall Perk Card holders are looking forward to the added joy of access to the promised glass penthouse viewing galleries and elegant cocktail bars at the zenith of the sparkling new towers. It can be assumed that the Perks will also include access to be privatised Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, where the grass will always be greener.

In the new Vauxhall Heart upon Nine Elms on the Southbank local residents and employees might be given the choice of a range of attractive “insider deals” in the sky, dining out in lofty “restaurants” or enjoying high altitude “beauty treatments”, leaving the squallor of ‘old’ Vauxhall far below.  All these amazing local businesses must mean that we will be dazzled by seductive offers at every level. There are no details yet for Public Transport offering ‘Perkers’ privileged access to Network South East & TfL Premier VIP lounges, but we may be hopeful. 

For more information about the Perks for Vauxhall upon Nine Elms on the Southbank go to the website

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