Extended parking restrictions in Vauxhall Grove, Bonnington Square and Langley Lane

Please see below comments from a resident who attended the recent SNP meeting (Meeting minutes: Minutes 24-2-15-SNP )
As a resident of Vauxhall Grove I am very much aware of the anti-social behaviour caused by the night time economy, especially that from Club Fire users, and in my view the right type of parking restrictions could play a part in improving the situation in Vauxhall Grove.

However, the flyer posted through our door on behalf of the Labour Oval Ward group was a huge surprise to myself and other residents. There has been little engagement or consultation and this would seem to be highlighted by the confusion between Lambeth Council and the Police about the scheme as parties seemed to express at the panel meeting contrasting views of what the trial CPZ would entail. Having tried  my luck online, I was unable to find any documentation regarding the Experimental Traffic Order for a trial CPZ, and nobody at the meeting was able to tell me who was responsible for issuing such an order.

I noted that some present at the Panel meeting who spoke on behalf of a 24/7 approach actually live in a gated community or have off-street parking provision and thus would not be affected by on street parking restrictions. In addition it was very galling to be told a by another resident that ‘WE will be implementing the scheme’. It seems to me and others that the Oval Labour Team and the police have only listened to narrow a view.

The planned extension of the CPZ will not affect parking on private land and this should have been taken into account  just as other issues such as the impact on residents and business or the differing situations in each street have not been considered as they should have been.

For any law or scheme to work and for the police and the council to work effectively it should have the support of those directly affected by it, otherwise it simply creates distrust, e.g. people seeing this iniative as a cynical move to create revenue.

Also it should be born in mind that extended parking restrictions will not solve all our night-time anti-social behaviour  problems – e.g. minicabs and their customers will not be affected.

Finally, it has to be noted that Eric Pickles has recently announced that CCTV-vehicles will no longer be allowed to be used for parking enforcement.

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