The bus station should not have to go

From Helen and Pauline

“Below you will find another excellent and perceptive blog from Daniel Wright on the peril faced by Vauxhall Bus Station.

He comments that

“ no-one has yet produced a really convincing argument that the outcomes of those road layout changes couldn’t be delivered by a different road layout which accommodates the existing bus station.”, now we have not only the workable and convincing plan produced by Michael Keane for KOV, but a newly developed plan by Martin Worthington. This latest plan is being submitted to Lambeth and TfL and we will be publishing it shortly. So that’s  two plans which show how to accommodate the bus station.

In addition to maintaining the facilities currently available to bus passengers, the convenience of the new tube and train developments, and making the road lay-out work around it ( a far more cost-effective and less disruptive approach), Martin’s plans allow for the proper continuation of the proposed Linear Park up South Lambeth Road, linking Vauxhall Park and Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

He has even found development space to keep the number crunchers happy, without building on the bus platform.

So, please read Daniel’s article and look forward to more news on Martin’s plan soon.

More from Daniel Wright:


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