TfL’s Vauxhall Cross consultation –  leading you up the garden path?

The first question on the TfL Vauxhall Gyratory consultation (closed 2 January) is: ‘Do you support or oppose the overall aim of creating a thriving centre in Vauxhall around the central transport interchange?’ Who could say ‘no’ to a question like this? However, a positive response, one suspects, will be counted as supporting TfL’s proposal for the re-design of the gyratory.

Even the researcher who accosted me in the street in order to fill in the survey with me commented that this was ‘the most prompting set of questions’ she had ever come across.

At the December KOV Forum Public Meeting Kate Hoey described the TfL ‘Transforming Vauxhall Cross’ consultation form as being ‘nebulous’ – which suggests a lack of transparency.

If you are unhappy about the Tfl way of conducting their consultations, there is an opportunity to express your misgivings here:

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