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10.000 evicted from their homes in South London

SLP reports – 2,616 in Lambeth alone

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Why is the developer’s contribution of social/affordable housing so low?

We have no way of knowing, because viability assessments for developments are confidential. Two major principles of the the free market economy are transparency and a level playing field – so why not in planning?

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Victory for the New Era Estate – could this happen in Lambeth too?

Keeping homes affordable for residents – it happened for the New Era Estate in Hackney; maybe it’s time for a rethink in Lambeth too – for instance regarding the Cressinham Gardens Estate ? (see URLs below)

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London ‘affordable’ housing funding announced by mayor

Will this be enough to resolve the housing crisis?  

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TfL’s Vauxhall Cross consultation –  leading you up the garden path?

The first question on the TfL Vauxhall Gyratory consultation (closed 2 January) is: ‘Do you support or oppose the overall aim of creating a thriving centre in Vauxhall around the central transport interchange?’ Who could say ‘no’ to a question like this? However, a … Continue reading

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Can Vauxhall Cross have two hearts?

Why have another District Centre where the bus station is currently located, when there is already one being developed as part of the Vauxhall Square development, the Vauxhall Society is wondering:

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Right to light? Not any more!

Boxed in and surrounded by concrete – maximising investment, but at the expense of quality of life and health

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