Is this it – 1000 new homes at Council rents?

In response to the urgent need for more affordable homes in Lambeth, the Council has committed to providing 1000 new homes at Council rents over the next 5 years across the borough, as well as improving existing homes.At Knight’s Walk there is the potential to provide some of these new homes to replace the low-rise housing and we have started to work with residents to consider this.  This would not be a private development, but will be a Council project with the new homes owned by the Council to help meet housing need in the borough.

It was important first to meet the people living at Knight’s Walk first to tell them of the plans.  The next step is to meet with residents and neighbours to find out more about life on the estate, explain the process and get people’s input for possible options.  Local ward councillors are also involved.  The council has recently appointed Mae Architects and Soundings to work with officers and residents, develop options and make sure that residents’ and neighbours’ views are heard and options can be discussed openly and honestly with everyone.

Early in the New Year, Soundings will advertise local events and opportunities to get involved.  If you would like to add your name to the contact list, please email or call 020 7729 1705.


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