Money Champion Initiative

Money Champions is helping to improve financial capability as part of Lambeth’s Financial Resilience Strategy.  Over the next few months the scheme will be training 100 trusted members of Lambeth communities to become Money Champions.  These are people that will have time to listen to people’s worries about money and offer useful tips, suggestions and information about local services and advice agencies.   Talking to a Money Champion may be a vital first step for someone in trouble, or play a crucial role in preventing serious problems from developing.  The project is intended to reduce the stress people are experiencing, leaving them feeling more positive, more in control and more hopeful for the future.

Based at St Luke’s at: 25a Wincott St, SE11 4NT (02077355802).  You can register to become a Money Champion by signing up to one of the free training courses via this link:,news-detail

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