Have your say – TfL consultations re Vauxhall Cross

By Helen & Pauline

Helen and I went to the first consultation exhibition. Lots of plans, lots of artists’ impressions, but importantly lots of TfL people to talk to.

Good news, of course is that we have won our battle to retain all the bus stops in the central area.

The bad news, is that while services for train and tube passengers at Vauxhall are being upgraded, with allowance made for increasing numbers passing through the stations, the space allotted to buses has apparently been ‘overgenerous’ and is to be reduced. Some of the bus stops will be roadside and Bondway will be two-way and very crowded.

One option is for all the Oval to Victoria buses to stop, roadside at the north end of the concourse, but ask to see the route which takes them all safely through the bus station. Officials have plans for it but it isn’t on show.


The council and TfL are currently delivering questionnaires to households in the Vauxhall area. The leaflet does not contain any of the information in the leaflet available at the consultations, relying on you to go on-line or to an exhibition for information.

It also doesn’t tell you where to send it if you can’t get on-line, (we can tell you this is FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS). You will need to find your own envelope.

Many of the proposals in it are aims with which we can all agree, but some questions need answering very carefully.

Q1 Do you support or oppose the overall aim of creating a thriving centre in Vauxhall around the central transport interchange?

Who could object to this – no-one. But in Lambethspeak the ‘central transport interchange’ is the tube, trains and their new mini-bus station. Unless you make it clear that the bus station should not be shrunk, and can happily exist within a thriving centre, you will be voting for less space for buses and passengers.

Q4 Do you support or oppose our proposal to change the layout of the bus station whilst maintaining or improving public transport interchange and facilities?

We maintain that reducing the space available to buses and passengers at a time of increasing passenger numbers cannot possibly maintain or improve the interchange and facilities.

Q9 Asks you to approve the new boundary for the retail and commercial area. ‘We have produced some maps which represent our new proposals for the boundary for Vauxhall’s District Centre including retail and commercial space. You can view these at tfl.gov.uk/Vauxhall-cross. Do you agree with the boundary?

The link goes to the Have Your Say consultation document. Right at the end are two links to the current and proposed district centre boundaries. Vauxhall Cross lies within both boundaries, so there is no change there, and we think most people agree that new retail and commercial areas should surround it. However it would be worth mentioning that encouraging retail and commercial development is not a licence to emasculate the transport  hub which will serve it.

Do try and see the exhibition and talk to the TfL reps there.

These are the next event Dates

Event 2

When: 26 November 6pm – 9pm

Where: Wheatsheaf Hall

For more information about this venue click here

Event 3

When: 9 December 10am – 6pm

Where: Carmelita Centre (Vauxhall Gardens Estate)

For more information about this venue click here

Let TfL know your thoughts at tfl.gov.uk/vauxhall-cross  .

Pauline and Helen

Ps. Enjoy the before and after photos in the leaflet, to see how TfL will transform a windswept rainy wasteland into a permanently sun-filled haven.

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