Lambeth have revealed their new plans for the Bus Station

By Pauline and Helen

Use the link to read for yourself. From the artists’ “impressions” of wide, sun-filled and remarkably traffic-free streets, you will discover that the decision has already been made to demolish the bus station – or as Lambeth euphemistically describe it, ‘removing the existing bus canopy’.

Why? After years of saying the bus station must go in order to accommodate two-way roads, it now appears that ‘keeping a centralised bus station’ is compatible after all. So why not keep the bus station? Because, as they fail to mention, half of the bus platform is to be sold off to the highest commercial bidder while increasing numbers of passengers are squashed into what is left.

So the bus users are to be sacrificed to enable TfL to realise assets at top dollar. Meanwhile, the ‘vibrant town centre’ in whose name this is proposed is being built regardless, all around, and needs the best bus station facility to service it.

Make a note of the event dates (below) in your diaries and tell Lambeth it won’t do.


We will be holding three events where you can view the proposals in detail and speak to representatives of TfL and Lambeth Council.

Event 1

When: 22 November 11am – 4pm

Where:  St Peters Church, 310 Kennington Lane

Event 2

When: 26 November 6pm – 9pm

Where: Wheatsheaf Hall

Event 3

When: 9 December 10am – 6pm

Where: Carmelita Centre (Vauxhall Gardens Estate)

More on the bus station on Vauxhall Society:

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