Property Banking in the Sky – not what Boris wants?

On 10 June South London Press published an article about ‘Ghost Properties’ in London that remain empty despite the housing shortage. Noteworthy is a quote from Boris Johnson: “What is not acceptable is buying homes as assets and then keep them empty as a sort of bank balance in the sky”. Is he possibly coming down from his only recently displayed enthusiasm for luxury tall tower developments built for foreign investors? Or does he not realize that a large proportion of the new luxury residential developments in places like Vauxhall is unoccupied as it is? Just count the lights after dark at St George Wharf and Tower! Remember the TV-coverage of the Queens’s Jubilee River pageant ? – The majority of the river facing balconies of St. George Wharf were empty, when everywhere else crowds of people were braving the rain to watch it from the embankment. Read the two articles in South London Press hereimg089img090

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