Are we just a handful of people?

By Pauline and Helen

Lambeth Labour, against our wishes, is turning our campaign into a party political football.

We are told: Vote Lib Dem to save the Bus Station. Vote Labour to get rid of the gyratory.

But this is not an either/or situation. Keeping the bus station would not necessitate keeping the gyratory.

Lambeth Labour ‘urge you to get involved and have your say. If you don’t the future of Vauxhall is going to be decided by a handful of people, not a majority of residents who actually live in Vauxhall’.

Could that ‘handful of people’ be us, supporters of the ‘Save the Bus Station ‘ campaign ?  Do Lambeth Labour really think we don’t represent the majority of residents in Vauxhall and can be dismissed so lightly? And what of the other people we represent, who don’t ‘actually live in Vauxhall’, but come here every day? Does not having a vote mean you can be safely ignored? We don’t think so.

Many of you will be Labour voters, and our campaign to retain the bus station in its current form and location has the backing of our Labour MP Kate Hoey and Labour peer Lord Adonis. Conservative and Lib Dem candidates also back Saving the Bus Station. Only Labour in Lambeth would like to destroy it.

On the 22nd we will all have to decide which is the best vote for everyone who lives in, works in and travels through Vauxhall.

Pauline and Helen

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