Lambeth may consider retaining bus station

by KOV Forum

Vauxhall Gyratory – Updated (20th March 2014)Vauxhall Gyratory In January KOVF hosted a discussion on the Vauxhall Gyratory and attended a Lambeth Council / TfL workshop where only two options for the future of Vauxhall Cross were offered. Both involved doing away with the bus station. The majority view at both meetings was to improve cycle and pedestrian access but to keep bus stops located close together under a covered shelter. KOVF offered to work with Lambeth and TfL to draw up an option that would do this. Leader of the Council Lib Peck, subsequently offered assurances that these options were only a means of testing two way traffic (Click here to read her letter) and retaining the bus station had not been ruled out. Despite this, KOVF remained concerned that removing the bus station was on the planning agenda and the outcome would be a choice between the two tested options. KOVF therefore supported The Vauxhall Society’s petition to save the bus station, which has more than 1,000 signatures (click here). At a public meeting hosted by KOVF and the Wyvil Estate Residents Association on 19th March Councillor Mark Harrison announced on behalf of Lambeth Council that ‘as far as Lambeth Labour councillors are concerned, all viable options for transforming the Vauxhall gyratory are open’ and that Lambeth Council was ‘not wedded to a High Street exactly as sketched out in the Vauxhall SPD’. He said two way roads would calm traffic and moderate speed. Kate Hoey MP reported an email she has received from TfL that confirmed a third option for Vauxhall Cross, retaining the bus station, would now be drawn up. This arose following a radio programme in which TfL Commissioner Sir Peter Hendy acknowledged strong public support to retain the bus station and announced the additional option to retain it. The majority view at the 19 March meeting was that an integrated, covered bus station could be made to look nicer but should be retained. Some people thought an open mind should be kept, as long as proposals produced improvements. KOVF recognises that there is a need for flexibility in the layout of Vauxhall Cross and is open to ideas that maximise benefits for the whole community. Key points for KOVF are to calm traffic, make the area more pedestrian and cycle friendly, improve access to increased business, recreation and restaurant facilities, and to retain the many advantages of a compact, covered, accessible and secure transport interchange. We look forward to seeing the new proposal and invite public debate via our on-line forum!forum/c840

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