Nitrous oxide and balloons in Vauxhall Grove part 2

Contacting all the relevant bodies re our Saturday night disturbance  seems to have had a good effect already. Last Saturday night all was quiet  until 6 am, then there was the noise of some balloons being inflated, but no music and less shouting, the Fire warden was there and a police CCTV vehicle was seen driving around. After about half an hour later it was all over.

I think it might be a good idea if signs were put up reminding club goers that this is an ordinary residential area where people are trying to sleep at night, and to please keep the noise down. Then the wardens whose English tends to be a little limited could just point to the signs, instead of having to try and explain things.

In the meantime Phillipe Chiarella of Club Fire has also responded to my email: “I am sorry to hear about  this but it looks like it is part of a much wider problem. I will discuss this further with Vauxhall One and the Council.”

As did Cllr Ishebel Brown: “I am having a meeting with Fire, Vaux One and council officers next week, so I am going to insist on a proper resolution to this problem.”

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