Cycle Superhighway 5 (New Cross – Westminster via Oval + Vauxhall) consultation response

By Luke Evans from Lambeth CC
Transport for London have released their revised plans following the consultation on Cycle Superhighway 5 to which we and many others responded.
You will recall Cycle Superhighway 5 will run from New Cross to Westminster via Camberwell, the Oval junction, up Harleyford Road to Vauxhall and then crossing Vauxhall bridge.
The consultation responses are at
The most significant changes and improvements for cyclists will come in the Lambeth sections of the route: at the junction of Kennington Park/ Brixton and Camberwell New Roads near to Oval tube station and on Harleyford Road leading to Vauxhall
If I have read the documents correctly at the Oval junction it seems we will initially have a semi-segregated route “using cats’ eyes, rumble strips, traffic wands or similar, or a combination thereof” and then fully segregated route in 2013-2014 followed by a significant improvement to the junction by the end of 2015.
Leading onwards to Vauxhall the plans for a fully segregated cycle route up Harleyford Road  are still in place, although subject to future consultation, and will be delivered by 2015.
Tfl also promise a “New Quietway route in parallel to CS5: We are in discussions with the relevant local authorities with the intention of developing a high-quality cycle route on low-traffic back streets running parallel to CS5.”
There are also improvements being proposed for the crossing of Harleyford Road by LCN route 3 near to the Oval cricket ground
Let us hope that the Mayor has the political will to implement the plans fully
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